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Case Studies

Hill’s Science Diet (Hypothetical)

Issue: Our team was given a hypothetical rebranding situation for Hill’s Science Diet Dog food. We had to find a new target audience based on consumer purchasing habits and develop creative strategies to implement our new rebranding ideas.

Goal: Find a new target audience, create new advertisements, and spruce up the brand’s purpose.

How we did it: With research from our entire team, we found an untouched demographic of millennials who valued adopting pets over building a family. We used this to create a nostalgic and family traditional rebrand of the company by creating advertisements showing older generations passing down “parenting” advice, such as the best choice in food for your “kids.”

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UW-Madison’s Digital Studies Certificate (Real)

Issue: The Digital Studies Certificate was receiving mixed understandings from enrolled college students on what the certificate would help them learn and accomplish. Up and coming certificates at the University posed a threat of taking away potential digital studies certificate students.

Goal: Reach a new target audience of students outside of the Journalism and Mass Communication School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and persuade them to enroll in the certificate.

How we did it: Our team focused on reaching a target audience of Soft-STEM students (educational studies, agricultural studies, and life and sciences studies). We rebranded the certificate with a new name and logo that would stand out against competing certificates at the University and provide a clearer sense of what the certificate provided. In order to keep promotions up for the certificate, we came up with the idea of creating student influencers to help promote the certificate within the campus.

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