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Small Business Reality

It’s everyone’s dream to be their own boss, start their own business and become crazy successful. We hear the inspirational stories of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk creating businesses worth billions of dollars. But what’s truly inspiring is hearing the stories of them before they became those big-shot names. Small Business Reality tells the stories of “average” entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journeys into what they hope will be successful businesses. You’ll hear the obstacles they’ve had to jump through, how well they think their business is doing and even why some of them may have decided to give up. 

Ep 1: Packing Up the Business

This episode of Small Business Reality follows along Adaisha’s journey as she tries to find stability within her business. While she’s constantly moving from state to state because of her husband’s military job, Adaisha tells how she found her tactics in remaining an active business no matter where she lives.

ep: 2: To Be a Mom or Entrepreneur?

This episode of Small Business follows stay-at-home mom Gabriella. She tells her encounters of trying to start her business from her house and how she balances taking care of two kids while meeting customers’ expectations.

Ep 3: Beware of the Bridezilla

This episode of Small Business Reality tells the story of Reyeh, a once successful wedding planner who decided to call it quits for her business. She recounts what was her final straw and advises how people can avoid having a business they no longer feel passionate about.